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Not A Wake: A Dream Embodying π's Digits Fully for 10000 Decimals
   A collection of short stories, poetry, plays, puzzles, and other surprises, all constructed according to the rigid rules of "Pilish", that peculiar variant of English in which the number of letters in successive words is required to follow the digits of the number π = 3.141592653..., in this case for a truly grand total of 10,000 decimals.  The perfect book for fans of the number π, constrained writing, wordplay, puzzles, or experimental prose and poetry.
   Go here to read more about it or order a copy.

From Polychords to Polya: Adventures in Musical Combinatorics
   How many different musical chords, or scales, or rhythms, are there?  This book addresses questions such as these using the tools of mathematical combinatorics.  Go here to read more about it and access a PDF copy.


Constrained Writing

Liquid Metaphor - A short story using the "heteroliteral" constraint.
Nine Views of Mt. Fuji - A set of poems using several complex constraints.
A Scrabble Tile Poem - using one complete set of tiles per stanza.
Yes & No - A poem constrained by an item you use 'most every day.
The Hydra - William Blake's The Tyger + the Periodic Table = this.
The Wiser Writer and The Inane Reader - A poem written entirely in alphametics.
Knotted Word Worms - A fiendishly difficult constraint.

Texts Based On The Digits Of π

Writing in Pilish - An introduction to our favorite writing constraint.
Bemused - a 218-digit poem in Basic Pilish.
Poe, E.: Near A Raven - Poe's "The Raven" in Standard Pilish (740 digits).
π Play - A one-act play about Pilish written in Pilish (770 digits).
Cadaeic Cadenza - The world's second-longest English
π mnemonic (3835 digits).
Not A Wake - The current world record holder, at 10,000 digits.
Cruel Unending Drama - Based on an acrostic constraint.
Pieces of Centaurs - A 768-digit mnemonic for the number 2
π = τ (tau).
Accidental Pilish - Several nice examples, including the current world record.
Pilish World Classics - Cover pictures from some books in this imaginary series.


Anagrams Long and Short - An introduction to the form, with examples.
Raven-Two - Poe's "The Raven" rearranged, in 1999, into a Y2K-scare satire.
Anagram with an embedded portrait of Edgar Allan Poe.
Autumn Aubades - Five anagram poems with embedded cartoons.
Stars of the Seasons - Four anagrams with hidden images of the night sky.
1,143,839,622,748,050,000,000,000,000 Sonnet Anagrams
Pictographie - A triple anagram and word-length mnemonic for
π, e, and φ.
Three-Way Anagram Crossword - in which Across clues = Down clues = solution grid.


A page of Original Palindromes - Poems, sentences, and more.
Edicide in Silopolis - A story about palindromy. Bonus: my favorite palindromes.

Other Literary Topics

James Branch Cabell - All about an awesome American author.

The Number π

Geometric Patterns of π's Digits - in which digits 763 to 768 play a key role.
π code - Read the digits of π as English text, and see the hidden messages.
Lady Pi - A fanciful image hidden in the binary digits of

Special Numbers

Keith Numbers - They're all known up to 1029. Can you find the next one?
Mari Numbers - A generalization of the above.
Maris-McGwire-Sosa Numbers - Learn what's special about the pair (61, 62).
666, the Number of the Beast - An large collection of mathematical facts about 666.
Repdigit Polygonal Numbers - My paper from the Journal of Integer Sequences.
All Numbers Are Interesting - A constructive demonstration.
Dottable Fractions - Expressions like 666/64676 = 6򉼲/64676.
Wild Narcissistic Numbers - Numbers equal to strange functions of their digits.
Integer Conjectures - Mostly still unproven.

Prime Numbers

Primeval Numbers - Integers containing many embedded primes.
Bowling for Primes - Yes, there is a connection!
Queens attacking primes on Knight's Tours - a math puzzle on the chessboard.

Math and Music

The Combinatorics of Musical Rhythm - See where Fibonacci comes into play.
Hear music composed by Conway's "Game of Life".
Hailstone music - Generated by sequences related to the Collatz Conjecture.


Alphametics - An extensive collection of original cryptarithms.
All Small Connected Graphs - in pictures.
Calendar Curiosities - including the world's shortest day-of-week routine.
My Erd鰏-Bacon Number is 7.